Field Hockey
– Individual/Small Group Training
– Clinic Series: position specific coaches in attendance 
– Training sessions for middle school athletes
– Training  sessions for high school athletes
– Training sessions for college athletes
All Sports 
– Strength & Conditioning: Spring Training sessions
– Speed & Agility Camp

We will continue to follow CDC guidelines in regard to COVID-19.


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Individual & Group Training

Individual and small group sessions allow field hockey athletes to discover their current abilities and work to move beyond that level of play with guided and professional coaching.

Field Hockey Clinics & Camps

Clinics and camps are devised specifically to target a particular aspect of the game. Athletes take part in the guided discovery process so the group and individual can evolve to a higher standard of play. 

Strength & Conditioning

An integral part of any athlete’s attributes, our coaches will devise strength and conditioning  sessions for all sports athletes to assist them in their ability to be a more confident, effective contributor. 

Virtual Training Sessions

During times when we are unable to gather in-person, virtual training sessions and coaching consultations keep athletes sharp, focused, and ready to compete at a high standard of play.

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“The Total Game Evolution family is committed to developing the whole athlete – athletically, mentally, physically, and emotionally.”