Individual & Group Training

– Field Hockey Individual/Small Group Training.
These sessions are for individuals looking to elevate their game in specific areas. Any age welcome. Tracey Griesbaum will be the lead coach. She has experience at the collegiate and international level as well as youth and masters. Her passion and expertise will afford you an opportunity to focus on the details of your game. Sundays in April and May.

Individual and small group sessions allow athletes to discover their current abilities and work to move beyond that level of play with guided and professional coaching.

Examples of individual and small group training sessions include:

Individual consultations are a great way to become fully invested in your development as a complete athlete. The mental, physical and emotional aspects of being an athlete can be explored. Collaborate with a Total Game Evolution coach to assist in your evolution!

Small group training sessions of approximately two to seven athletes help maximize the number of repetitions you can obtain in a short amount of time. This allows for maximum technical and tactical progress. Gather your teammates and get ready to have some friendly competition.

Regional training sessions are incredibly convenient.  Individuals, teams, and schools can benefit from staying close to home. Host the sessions at a local facility and allow Total Game Evolution coaches to travel to you.

Positional training is a time to delve into the specific aspects of a particular position. From goalkeeping to scoring goals, Total Game Evolution trainings can devote time and repetitions to evolve your specific game.

Any age group or level of play can benefit from these sessions. Whether sharing a physical space or training virtually, there is a way to evolve! We look forward to working with you!